Clever Fox was established by Kathleen Alexander in 2004. Since then, she has helped hundreds of clients make meaningful changes that have enhanced their lives, business ventures and careers.


Kathleen uses a range of innovative and powerful methods in facilitating clients get meaningful results. As a Master Practitioner of NLP, she draws heavily on her knowledge of human behaviour to facilitate her clients towards outcomes that are in alignment with their values and intentions.

With a degree in Business Management from the US and expertise in marketing, Kathleen has a rich and diverse experience in business. Prior to starting Clever Fox in Melbourne, she worked in advertising, multinational media organisations, NGOs and consulting. She has held roles with international responsibilities and worked in Sydney, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. She has run two small business in Australia and project managed marketing campaigns as a consultant.

Kathleen took up photography late in life, attending a professional photography school in the evenings. An animal lover, she often volunteers to photograph rescue animals to improve their chances of adoption.

She lives in Melbourne with her husband who is an artist, and her much loved couch potato rescue kelpie.

Client Testimonials

I always knew that personal coaching was a powerful tool but I did not realise how much it would improve the way I look at things. Kathleen helped me understand my core motives and driving forces. Looking at these have enabled me to understand my own needs clearly. Kathleen makes me think. I find myself excited before a meeting and intensely motivated after one. It has been a great and invaluable journey.
— Steve Smith
I wasn’t sure what to expect but what I got was nothing short of immense inspiration and motivation. Kathleen’s style is both nurturing and pragmatic in just the right combination and with her guidance, I’ve identified some directions that I am now following. I really looked forward to the coaching sessions...she is a fun person and is passionately interested in helping her clients find what they are looking for.
— E. Casey
I had reservations about the NLP component not knowing whether it would be airy fairy but I found every meeting to be fast paced, outcome driven and grounded in reality. I’ve learned things about myself that I had never realised before. This has made me more aware of my actions and how to shape things to work in my favour. Turns out Kathleen’s coaching has benefited me both personally and professionally. I am now happy with the person I am and much more satisfied with life. This has happened in a very short space of time. The best value for money I have spent this year.
— A. Needham
I had no idea what career direction to take and my head was full of a million ideas. As Kathleen and I worked together, I began to form a clear understanding of what was important to me in a working environment, a clear direction which careers would cater to most, if not all, of my needs and wants, and what I was willing to do to achieve my goals.

The experience allowed me to think outside the square and to exceed my own expectations. I have since chosen a career path and am motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.
— S Wilson
Kathleen provided me with invaluable advice to help me work out what area of work would allow me to have a career that is more meaningful to me. She helped me think through things in a logical way and to work our what it is I am really passionate about. I now have the confidence to make the necessary changes in my life that will help me achieve those goals and have a fulfilling career.
— Lisa Davidson
Thank you once again for taking me through your process over the last few weeks. I have found it useful and enjoyable. You do it well.
— Marilyn Beresford
Kathleen has been a great facilitator in helping me clarify my career direction. Her knowledge and techniques coupled with my commitment to implementing them have opened up a new world of opportunities.
— Sergo Olortegui
Ten out of ten!
— Kevin Barfe
Kathleen’s vision and values make her one very clever fox and I have no hesitation in recommending her for anyone wanting to start up their own business as she will guide them with creative and constructive consultancy.
— Samantha Gowing, busines owner
Frankly, I wish I had spoken to Kathleen months ago! She builds rapport quickly, has clever processes that helped me think through and provide relevant info, and communicated clearly throughout the process. Highly recommended.
— Craig Telford
Since working with Kathleen, we have remained in close contact and I have recommended her service to other colleagues and friends. My goal setting continues to reward me across all aspects of my life and Kathleen and I now share ideas and strategies for our respective businesses. I highly recommend Kathleen and Clever Fox.
— James MacMillan
I found the coaching program to be both structured and engaging. It was encouraging to know that I did not have to go down paths I did not wish to venture. By the end of it, I had achieved the goals for which I set out, and gained clarity around a host of issues that I had found confronting and entangled with in the past.
— MS (name witheld for privacy purposes)
At short notice, Kathleen ran a business naming workshop with me and my two business partners. We had everything sorted - from financing, business planning, grant applications, etc - except the name for the business. Without the name, we couldn’t register the company, create the brand or launch the business.

Katheen’s approach to facilitating was open and encouraging, while keeping us on track. She pushed us to think as if we were our own customers. This approach led us to decide on a fabulous business name, and it has continued to inform our marketing strategy.
— RBS, Company Director, Consulting Business
My time with you has been a wonderful, insightful and rewarding experience. Thank you for providing such professional guidance. Things are tracking along nicely.
— Simone Le Jeune
After our session, I knew I had some decisions to make. Once I made the decision, I felt very calm and peaceful on the inside. I knew 100% it was the right decision. I am feeling very positive and happy and can’t wait to start my new adventures. Quite a few of my friends have mentioned the new sparkle in me.
— Nicky B
Wonderful! I learn something new about myself each session.
— Lisa Swiety
I have become more conscious and more aware. Thank you. It has been of great benefit.
— Lisa Cankovich