Open up new possibilities through Life Coaching

Clever Fox’s one-on-one life coaching programs are personalised. Based in Melbourne, we work with clients across Australia.


Many of our client don’t have clear outcomes when they first start life coaching. Instead, they have a general sense of dissatisfaction. Others find themselves in uncertain territory resulting from unexpected change, for example, a job redundancy, a business failure, a relationship breakdown or a sense of regret that life is passing them by.

Regardless of what your starting point is, our role is to facilitate you in getting clear outcomes that are in line with your values and intentions. We don’t expect you to bulldoze your way through by sheer willpower. Rather, we facilitate you in uncovering “pieces of the puzzle” through methodology that will help you gain insights, patterns and resources for new possibilities and personal evolution.

Areas we can assist you through life coaching:

  • Congruent decision-making

  • Clarity about life choices

  • Improving your self concept and self confidence

  • Creating a compelling and achievable vision for your future

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Experiencing peace and calm

  • Living more purposefully

  • Enhancing relationships with key people in your life (including yourself)

  • Developing greater self motivation

  • Accessing better emotional choices

Program: Six sessions scheduled over three months. Price $1500

Contact between sessions: Telephone support between life coaching sessions is available if you need clarification on topics discussed

Next Step:

  • Schedule a complimentary appointment to discuss your current challenges and what is possible through our work together.