Career Change Coaching

We have designed a career coaching program as an alternative to traditional career counselling for individuals considering a career change.

A truly satisfying career isn’t a job that just brings in the money. It is about doing your life’s work. A fulfilling career isn’t built overnight. It can take bold decisions, hard work, time, tenacity, clear vision, purposeful planning and a willingness to go after what you want. It can also come naturally and easily when you are clear about your intentions, understand your inner drivers have a game plan on how to approach change.

Discover A Fulfilling Life Path

Many clients who come for career coaching tell us they find themselves in job they “fell into” or that they have outgrown the careers they once pursued. They no longer look forward to going to work and feel disconnected from what they do.

This career coaching program helps you explore meaningful career options by thinking both creatively and logicially about actions to take.

What you get through Career Coaching

  • Clarity around your outcomes, intentions and key factors that are important to you in a career

  • Understand your inner drivers and how to tap into them

  • Access to a leading psychometric assessment

  • Report detailing specific careers you may be suited to

  • A plan on how to maximise your chances of success and minimise risks in making a career transition

The Career Coaching Program: $790

  • 3 sessions x 60-75 minutes

  • Online psychometric assessment

  • This program is conducted one-on-one over the phone, Skype, Zoom or in person

  • You can schedule a call between sessions if you need clarification on any “assignments” or require support in relation to our work together

Who This Program Is For:

  • You no longer feel connected to the career you are currently pursuing and want to explore different options

  • You are open to retraining, starting a new project/activity related to what you might pursue

  • You are aware that the coaching program is to spark new thinking and options and that changes depend on action you choose to take

  • You are interested not just in data from a psychometric assessment but also powerful one-on-one facilitation to uncover potential pathways and what you need to do to instigate change

Next Step:

  • Schedule a complimentary appointment to discuss your current challenges, outcomes and what is possible through our work together.